Our Projects

Victim Assistance is an integral component of post-war and post-disaster reconstruction and since our inception in 2001, Grapes for Humanity has raised over $4,000,000 to help survivors become healthy and contributing members of their communities.

We have funded clinics dedicated to the physical and mental rehabilitation of war survivors in Uganda and donated prosthetic limbs and mobility devices to clinics in Laos, Viet Nam and Ethiopia. Other projects include the demining of villages in Cambodia through The Halo Trust, rebuilding a Sri-Lankan preschool destroyed by the Tsunami in association with OneSriLanka, constructing a girl's dormitory and skills training center at Lavalla Orphanage and School for the Disabled in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and providing funds for the construction of a burn unit at Rose Hospital in Cambodia.

Grapes for Humanity has helped Hurricane Katrina victims re-settle in Texas through Community New-Start and have provided funds to construct and provide on-going support to Vida Nueva Clinic, a prosthetic outreach center in Choluteca, Honduras.

Amani Children's Home in Moshi Amani Children's Home in Moshi, Africa
Site Visit to Access Education Click Site Visit to Access Education - Guatemala - Jan 2017

In order to transport landmine victims and war wounded to the Angola Regional Rehabilitation Program to be treated and cared for, Grapes for Humanity has provided funds to purchase two vehicles equipped with a Codan radio System for $35,000 each. We have provided ambulances for land mine victims in Nagorno-Karabakh and Cambodia; subsidized farms for the Cambodian Children's Advocacy Foundation and aided victims of the devastating Haiti earthquake.

At Grapes for Humanity we focus on providing funding to those who seem to fall through the cracks of the major relief agencies. And we are strong on physical rehabilitation and education. Recently we have earmarked funds to build schools in Guatemala, and rebuild a children's clinic in the Philippines. While we continue to support our initial mandate of clearing land mines in Cambodia through organizations such as HALO, we are also breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting orphan children as they pursue their dreams of a University education in Phnom Penh. We have built schools in Guatemala and rebuilt a children's hospital in the Philippines.

With your help, we...the wine community will continue to change the way things are for so many people around the world and create opportunity, optimism and success where it is needed most. And while we're at it... we'll raise a glass and toast a better world.

Grapes for Humanity has funded the following charities:

Himalayan Life www.himalayanlife.com
Raising the Village www.raisingthevillage.org
Camp Oochigeas www.ooch.org
The Halo Trust www.halotrust.org
Access Education www.accesseducation.ca
Place of Rescue rescuedancetourdotcom.wordpress.com
Magna Children At Risk www.magna.org/en
Amani Children's Home www.amanikids.org
Annual UNCORKED Event The 6th Annual UNCORKED Event Spain UNCORKED
France UNCORKED Event France UNCORKED - May 15th 2017